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Greg3Greg Long is a recognized thought leader in the area of performance improvement, focusing on how improvements in individual performance help organizations realize improved business results.

After graduating from the US Naval Academy with a degree in aerospace engineering in 1978, Greg served in the Civil Engineer Corps, working in the fields of construction and facilities management. During his time in the Navy, he began to develop his understanding of human performance, organizational readiness, and the value of execution excellence.

After completing his graduate work at Texas A&M University, Greg spent three years teaching engineering on the faculty of the US Naval Academy, learning the craft of translating complex information into practical language. That craft helped launch his consulting career.

Greg now has over twenty-five years’ experience providing consulting services to numerous firms around the globe. His work has focused on improving organizational and individual performance through conceptualizing, designing, and developing strategic solutions for various communities. His programs have resulted in dramatic, measurable increases in both business results and individual performance measures.

Working with performers in various roles, including executives, salespeople, account managers, and manufacturing operations and maintenance technicians, Greg has developed a penchant for helping organizations close the gap in performance between top performers and average performers. He and Butler Newman have worked to refine their methods into a practical approach for discovering and documenting both the differences that define performance excellence and developing programs to drive improvements.

That approach has been used to great advantage in numerous industries, including aerospace, pharmaceutical, financial, retail, insurance, and other complex, knowledge-based environments where excellent frontline performance is crucial.

Greg has authored numerous articles and presentations for national and international conferences and journals. He is a sought-after speaker for groups large and small.

He and his wife live in Annapolis, Maryland, where they enjoy bicycling, sailing, and other outdoor activities.


Butler NewmanButler Newman is a recognized leader in the field of organizational performance, consulting with business and learning leaders to ensure top performance in roles critical to their organizations’ success. He has published multiple articles on the topic, and as vice president of performance excellence, Butler leads the Organizational Excellence practice for the global consulting organization GP Strategies Corporation.

He began his career as an officer in the US Navy. A 1979 graduate of the US Naval Academy, Butler served in the engineering department of the top ship in the Navy’s Sixth Fleet, where he received his Naval Nuclear Engineer Certification and later led the training of new recruits through their initial nuclear qualification process at the Navy’s shore-based training facility.

Since leaving the Navy, Butler has consulted with numerous organizations on both individual and organization performance improvement initiatives, including Fortune 100 companies across diverse industries such as automotive, consumer products, retail, financial, telecommunications, healthcare, and pharmaceutical. He has led regional and global initiatives in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, South Africa, and Indonesia.

Butler and Greg Long have worked together across multiple aspects of organizational improvement for over twenty-five years. They have collaborated many times to meet the specific needs of their clients and have extended that collaboration to produce this, their first book.

In addition to writing and working with his clients, Butler loves speaking to business and learning leaders on what it takes to produce top performance in their organizations. His first area of emphasis is always the same: the frontline performers. His topics include role clarity, coaching, equipping frontline supervisors and their teams, and building high-performance teams.

Butler enjoys spending time at home and traveling with his wife of thirty-four years and their two sons. He keeps a full schedule visiting clients, honing his amateur photography skills, watching and analyzing college football, and deepening his understanding on the secrets of top performers across various disciplines.

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