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Top Performer Perspective: Willingness to Share

Image courtesy of pixabay

Image courtesy of pixabay

Many of the roles we’ve analyzed over the years have been highly competitive positions—roles where people not only try to exceed their own numbers and their bosses’ expectations but often compete with other members in the same role. In those types of environments, people could easily become a bit secretive, playing their cards close to their vests in order to maintain an edge over their competitors. After all, there are only so many promotions, only so many bonus dollars to go around.

At least that’s the common perception.

With top performers, we’ve found just the opposite. They are not only willing to share all they’ve learned, they seek out others they can mentor and help along the path toward excellence.

We’re not exactly sure about the motivation of top performers who are willing to share. Perhaps they follow the old Hewlett Packard mentality of telling competitors where you are so they won’t go where you’re going. Perhaps they believe in the adage that you never learn a subject as well as when you teach it to others. Or perhaps they simply are passionate about the job they are doing and desire that everyone be better equipped to help the organization succeed.

Whatever the case, we can attest to this simple fact: top performers are willing to share what they know to help others improve their own performance.


Question to ponders:

  • Are you willing to share? Or do you have a tendency to hoard information? Which do you value and reward?


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