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Ever Wish You Could “Clone” Your Top Performers?

Now You Can Make Every Team Member a Top Performer

As the business environment grows ever more complex and new competitors enter the marketplace, the demands on leadership change. Conventional approaches won’t cut it any longer. In The New Game Changers, Greg Long and Butler Newman tell the story of Aimee Martin, who rejoins her former company to help turn around slumping sales. The sales training initiative that was implemented while she was away came highly recommended, but it was not well received by the frontline staff. And now the new head of marketing is proposing yet another initiative–a slick digital sales campaign.

The trouble is, Aimee realizes, these approaches focus on the wrong things.

Aimee’s realization launches her on a quest that eventually leads to her discovery of four essential strategies that help her focus on the outcomes that make a real impact and transform her leadership. The result: a winning team and business success!

Your leadership has to evolve if your organization is going to grow. The New Game Changers is an easy-to-understand guide that teaches you a new way of thinking that will help you take your team and your organization to the next level.


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