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“This book does an excellent job of conveying key concepts and processes for ‘driving performance by focusing on what matters’ in a well-crafted story. It will appeal to many readers who ask ‘How would this work in my company?’ It will also provide a case study for practitioners who have curious clients who want to see what a performance improvement initiative would look like in their organization. Storytelling is a critical tool for enabling change, and the authors have told their story exceptionally well!”

—Paul Elliott, PhD, coauthor of Exemplary Performance


“Using top performers as a model is a powerful and effective way to improve performance. The New Game Changers’ focus on top performers’ outcomes is a potent methodology for optimizing individual and organizational success.”

—William Seidman, PhD, CEO, Cerebyte, Inc., and coauthor of The Star Factor


“I dare you to read this book and not walk away with a new perspective and a mental to-do list for how you might apply it. I’ve been managing people for forty years, and The New Game Changers gave me fresh insights I will act on tomorrow! An entertaining, informative parable that is now on my mandatory-reading list for the staff.”

—Robert O. Wray, Jr., Rear Admiral, US Navy (ret); CEO, Blue Star Veterans Network; and author of Saltwater Leadership


“I have seen this approach yield remarkable results for our clients. In this well-told story, Greg and Butler have captured both the power and the simplicity of this proven method to up the game of your front line.”

—Debbie Ung, Senior Vice President, Performance Readiness Solutions, GP Strategies Corporation


“I recommend that any manager-level executive and above read The New Game Changers. It’s a concise description of a valuable new approach that enables teams to put together game plans for achieving specific goals. What makes it unique is that the authors have woven their approach into a compelling story that describes the implementation clearly and sequentially. This enabled me to read the book quickly, and the retention of the lessons was easy. This book will always be on my shelf so I can refer it to an associate or coworker.”

—Ray Kwong, CEO, Triton Services, Inc.


The New Game Changers is a compelling story with innovative and inspiring ideas. Long and Newman’s TOPS model reveals that the standard way of doing business is not necessarily the path to a winning outcome. Their model is useful for all businesspeople and for anyone who is trying to help a group of people improve their performance.”

—Christopher Rice, President, BlessingWhite, and coauthor of The Engagement Equation


“Butler and Greg have been involved in human performance improvement for over twenty-five years, in hundreds of settings around the globe. They are both relentless learners, and they have compiled an invaluable summary of their many lessons learned over the years. More important, they have developed a practical, straightforward system that will help any organization move swiftly to unlock operational excellence.”

—John Beakes, cofounder and COO, RWD Technologies


The New Game Changers brings to life a real-world situation I would bet most people have seen. Follow Aimee’s wild ride into selling internally as well as externally. Outcome selling using the TOPS checklist is an often-overlooked way to make a good sales team a great sales team. This approach reminds me of Ben Franklin’s comment ‘involve me and I will learn.’ If you read this, you will understand what he means.”

—Chris Chitterling, National Account Director, US technology company


“A must-read for any business leader, The New Game Changers is engaging and delightful in illustrating how to best leverage frontline performers to improve a company’s bottom-line performance.”

—Ken Rebeck, President, KRA Associates, LLC


“This book is an easy read and a practical illustration of how to maximize your greatest asset—people. The way the story unfolds allows you to imagine how you can use Outcomes Thinking to maximize performance in virtually any situation to drive your business forward.”

—Gary Walker, cofounder, InteCrowd


“Firms spend countless dollars seeking answers to their people performance challenges. Every firm has top performers, and the answer lies within. The road map to finding that answer lies within this book. With twenty-five years of experience in relationship management and developing relationship managers, I’ve read lots of books on the subject. Few add anything new, fewer focus on results, and fewer still offer practical advice, applicable to every team. This book does all these.”

—Kevin Boyle CFA, Head of Private Wealth Management, Fitch Learning


“An incredibly well-done job. I never would have imagined it would make me not want to put it down. While it’s partly my affinity for the subject matter, the unfolding of the story is really well done. The message comes across very well, and the football analogy helps significantly. The tool kit at the end is also balanced nicely.”

—Rick Contel, independent performance consultant


The New Game Changers uses a novel narrative format with real-world examples of the challenges every business struggles with, while providing an outcome-driven framework for success.”

—Christopher Lane, Vice President of Engineering and Technology, top ten market television station


“Long and Newman nailed it. An orientation toward outcomes-based thinking creates a pathway toward the clarity, focus, and impact that all organizations need to thrive. This is a straightforward, immediately usable approach that can help leaders transform business results. This goes on the must-read list for leaders at all levels.”

—Andrew Freedman, Principal, entreQuest

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